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The decisions you make today affect what happens to your financial future. At Thielen & Associates, Inc., our team of tax, accounting and financial planning professionals are passionate about helping businesses, as well as high-net worth individuals and families, create wealth and protect it by minimizing future risks. We combine tax planning and wealth management strategies to optimize our clients’ financial success.

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ESG Investing

Many clients are attracted to ESG investing because they care about building a better world – in addition to building wealth. ESG investing is a natural fit for individuals who care deeply about certain causes and feel a calling to align their portfolios with their values.

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Tax-Smart Advice for a Continually Changing Environment

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Understanding the Importance of Education Planning

In today's world where inflation is at an all-time high, preparing for your child's future education is more crucial than ever. By utilizing tax-efficient saving strategies and investigating state-specific incentives, you can help alleviate the financial strain of college costs.

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The Connection Between Financial Well-Being And Mental Health

Psychologists know that the fight or flight switch in our brain was initially needed for those near-death experiences that early human beings often faced. Despite modern environments being relatively “safe,” stress can still activate this fight or flight urge, and it often leaves us mentally drained and exhausted.

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