ESG Investing

Why ESG Investments?

Many clients are attracted to ESG investing because they care about building a better world – in addition to building wealth. ESG investing is a natural fit for individuals who care deeply about certain causes and feel a calling to align their portfolios with their values.

Our impact first financial planning includes the knowledge and insight to allocate capital to companies who are thoughtful about their long-term environmental, social and governance impacts. We help our clients cultivate long-term success by taking a holistic approach to wealth management and ESG investing.

There is no single exhaustive list of ESG issues, but let’s consider each of these categories.



Environmental factors refer to how companies steward our world, and the environmental impact of the products and services they produce. Environmentally friendly companies are energy efficient and conscientious of natural resources in daily operations and practices. They may focus on limiting their carbon emissions, air or water pollution, or focus on biodiversity or waste management.


Socially responsible companies are considerate of people and relationships. They are thoughtful and intentional in the company’s internal and external practices. Does the company have high customer satisfaction? Do they employ appropriate labor standards and treat their employees well? Do they participate in philanthropic giving to their community? And do they care about diversity, equality and inclusion practices?


Governance refers to the standards in place for running the company. Is there accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of a company’s C-suite and board of directors. Do they have fair and equitable selection processes for those who will lead the entity? Is the shareholders money being treated in a way to increase profits and boost the share price? Good governance has many more factors, but this aspect of evaluating a business can help you support companies who operate with integrity.

Our team of wealth management professionals at Thielen & Associates, Inc. have decades of experience analyzing each of our client’s unique needs and lifestyles, assessing their goals, and helping them map out a plan that allows them to pursue the financial success they desire.

Our goal is to help our clients create wealth while minimizing future risks and maximizing economic, environmental, and social value. We provide the financial strategies you need, and the support you deserve.

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There is no assurance that the ESG investing strategy or techniques employed will be successful. Past performance is not a guarantee or reliable indicator of future results.


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