Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Make the Right Financial Choices for Your Business.

Whether you have been in business for years or you're a brand new startup, the tax planning and preparation experts at Thielen & Associates, Inc. will navigate you through the process knowledgeably and efficiently. We pride ourselves on being accessible when our clients need us the most, being transparent and producing an unparalleled quality of work.

Our team stays current on the most recent tax laws and legislation, and looks to identify all possible ways to minimize current and future tax liabilities, as well as ways to maximize your pre- and post-tax income.

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Business Tax Planning

At Thielen & Associates, Inc. our goal is to thoroughly anticipate how your business could be impacted by the current tax laws and to manage your effective tax rate. We believe our corporate clients can achieve this by also being mindful of their people, and the planet, while maximizing profit. We strive to reduce tax liabilities by coordinating the best tax planning techniques for your business, making sure your business is always in compliance with Federal and State tax regulations.

Our staff is made up of experienced tax accountants who have specialized knowledge about tax laws in multiple states. They are regularly educated on any revisions that could affect our clients, and take proactive measures to develop strategies that will minimize negative impacts to your profits.

Business Tax Preparation

Whether your business operates one or multiple locations, Thielen & Associates, Inc.’s business tax preparation services can be customized to fit your specific needs. In addition to traditional tax preparation, we’re qualified to prepare trust, gift and estate tax returns. We file these types of returns in a timely manner to avoid penalties.

Non-Profit Tax Planning and Preparation 

Non-profit organizations must stay in compliance in order to maintain their tax-exempt status. Our staff understands tax planning for non-profits and will make sure your records meet government standards. We provide non-profit tax returns for charities, private foundations, and other non-profit organizations.

Expatriate Tax Preparation

U.S. citizens working across the border or overseas have complex tax reporting needs. We’re proficient in international tax law and can prepare these types of tax returns and file them electronically. 

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