What is Tax-Smart Investing?

Monday May 2nd, 2022

Every financial decision you make affects both your short and long-term goals and has a tax implication. The good news is that giving taxes a starring role in your financial planning process can help you make better financial decisions and potentially minimize your tax burden. We take a consultative approach that allows us to get to know you and your financial goals on a deep level, as we build a strong relationship and a high level of trust. 

Tax-Smart Investing (TSI) is a framework in which we focus on after-tax outcomes by skillfully working with clients to invest and plan for their goals in the most tax-conscious manner — not just during tax season, but all year long. 

Tax-Smart Investing allows us to gain insight into your full financial picture, enabling us to uncover opportunities that others, who don’t examine finances holistically, often miss. Our tax-smart approach can yield key information that can affect your financial plan like determining your potential year-end liability from investment sales and identifying portfolio losses to minimize your tax bill. 

What Impact Will Taxes Have on Your Financial Goals?

Utilizing the TSI approach also means we can help you confidently navigate the tax and financial impact of significant life events. 

  • Having or adopting children 
  • The passing of a loved one
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Caring for a sick loved one
  • Losing or changing jobs 

We firmly believe every financial decision made is also a tax decision. Without a customized plan aimed at reducing their annual tax bill, the average investor gives up unnecessary returns. 

Why is This Essential to Your Financial Picture?

We understand that taxes can erode the net result of all your hard work. By taking a tax-centric approach to plan and investing, our clients may add a potential value of up to 1.2% annually when considering the role taxes play. Over 10 years, that value could make a significant difference to your overall net worth.


This example does not reflect the deduction of state or federal income taxes. If it had, returns would have been lower. This is a hypothetical illustration and is not meant to represent an actual investment strategy. Taxes may be due at some point in the future and tax rates may be different when they are. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. Source: Russel Investments’ 2021 Value of an Advisor Study. To get the full study, go to https://russellinvestments.com/us/resources/financial-professionals/value-of-advisor 

Partnering with a financial professional who specializes in holistic planning means you are working with a knowledgeable resource who integrates tax implications into your financial decisions. Our ability to leverage proprietary technology to uncover potential tax savings and help you keep more of what is yours is what makes us stand out. 

Taxes and how they integrate into all areas of your finances is not a new subject for our firm. Thielen & Associates, Inc. has decades of accounting knowledge and experience. We know clients want an integrated wealth management experience, so we offer customized financial services for your ever-changing needs.

At Thielen & Associates, Inc., we truly want you to enjoy the retirement you deserve and worry less about financial security. We believe it is best to provide our clients with holistic, tax-smart financial advice that is not widely available – but desperately needed – in our markets. As always, if you have any questions about tax-smart investing or if you need assistance creating a tax-smart holistic financial plan, let us know.

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